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Love Time Slogan

Father we thank you that you are the Lord of Champion Church, and that we are a dynamic, vibrant, and progressive church.

We thank you that every Partner  of Champion Church is growing in the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the Word of God. Father, we believe that your favor is resting upon Champion Church, causing spiritual, financial, and numerical growth.

We  believe that men & women, boys, and girls are coming to Champion Church and our  virtual church from the north, the south, the east, and the west, and the far places of the earth. We have people from every continent here :every time we meet.

We thank you in advance for 5000 partners that are passionate about you, and committed to your word, worship, excellence, integrity, fellowship, and individual evangelism.

These are my confessions

I am giving today because I believe this is God's way to prosper me.  I give 10% of my income as a tithe, because I am in covenant with God.  Malachi 3 says the tithe unties the a Hands of God, opens the heavens and stops the plan of my enemy.

I give over and above my tithe, and this releases my overflow.  I align myself with Philippians 4, and plant financial seed into my Pastor so that fruit abounds to my account.  These seeds I plant today break the back of lack.

I have sufficiency in all things, I lack nothing, I have more than what I need, and enough to give away because Champion Church and my Pastor are fertile soil.

I place demands on my seeds, according to the Word of God, and command them to produce a hundredfold return.  These are my confessions of faith concerning my seeds, and I declare these things to be so in Jesus's Name... AMEN!

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